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Tyre knowledge

Everything you need to know about tyres

This is a platform that will answer your queries about the tyres on your car or if you are searching for some general tyre knowledge.

In this section, we will share with you our advice and recommendations for buying tyres, tyre care and maintenance, tyre changing and fitting, and much more. 

Driving is as much a responsibility as it is a pleasurable activity; we believe that by clearly outlining the best practices and most important points concerning your tyres, you will be empowered to drive smarter and safer.

Tyre basics


Learn the essential facts about tyres and tyre technology.

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Buying tyres


What do I need to know when buying tyres? There are a number of considerations when buying tyres.

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Tyre care and maintenance


The consumer plays an important role in tyre maintenance. Consumers should use this consultation to determine if the tyres can continue in service.

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