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What is covered under the Warranty?

The warranty covers tyre conditions that are related to manufacturing process. For the decision whether the tyre conditions are related to manufacturing process or not, the complaint tyre will have to be inspected by our authorised tyre inspector. For detailed information of our Warranty kindly refer:

Online Registration

Do I need to register online to be qualified for the warranty from date of purchase (extended warranty)?

You are encouraged to register online after buying Continental tyres. However the warranty is still valid for 5 years from date of purchase, provided that proof of payment/ purchase is still available, even without registering. The registration offers the opportunity to store the receipt for claim purposes within the 5 years from date of purchase.

How do I register online for the extended warranty?

Kindly register for your warranty here. Just follow the step-by-step at the site.

Why isn't there option to choose Dunlop and Viking branded tyres?

For Dunlop and Viking branded tires, you do not need to do the online registration. Kindly keep the receipt for future reference for warranty purposes.


What is CATI?

CATI is our Continental Approved Tyre Inspector (CATI). They are dealers authorized by Continental to assist customers on complaint tyres and approve or reject a concession based on the tyre(s)' inspection finding.

Claim Procedure

Do I need to return to the same dealer for warranty?

It is not necessary. Please visit our nearest CATI (for Passenger and Light Truck Tyre) / Dealer(for Truck Tyre) for faster decision making on warranty and tyre adjustment process.

What is the procedure to return my new tyre for warranty process?

1. Check for the nearest CATI at your area here

2. Once you have identified the shop, kindly bring the tyre(s) to the CATI shop for further assistance.

Where can I send my tyre(s) for warranty process?

Please refer to previous FAQ.

How do I claim for warranty for my OEM tyre(s)?

Option 1:
You can drive to nearest OEM service centre and they will assist further for warranty process

Option 2:
You can refer to our new tyre warranty process

How do I know if my OE tyre cover under Continental Malaysia?

Kindly refer previous answer.

Why can't I get warranty adjustment for my tyre(s)?

Kindly refer back to the dealer you have visited to process for warranty or further explanation/ assistance

If I need a quick decision other than an appointment with Continental, is there another way to do it?

You can locate nearest CATI at your area for further assistance.

Can I claim my tyre at Singapore but the tyre bought from Malaysia?

We are sorry but unfortunately the claim needs to be done within Malaysia.


How long does the warranty process take?

This depends on the location of the dealer and also the point at which Continental is notified of the tyre complaint. In general it will take around 2 weeks.


In the case the warranty adjustment is approved, how much will the compensation be?

The compensation will be on pro rate basis of the remaining tread depth and based on the tyre market price  (example: if the remaining tread depth is 80%, you have to top up the difference of 20% based on the tyre price to get a new tyre. But, if the remaining tread depth is more than 85%, the tyre will be replaced free of charge for you)