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Independently tested in all conditions

Independently tested
in all conditions

Tests and test results - confirmed quality for your safety

Your safety is our top priority. That is why Continental takes all possible safety and comfort aspects into account when developing its tyres. All Continental innovations have to pass an intense testing regime before going into production. Each new tyre has to complete hundreds of test kilometers on our main testing site, the Contidrom. A total of 143,000 tyres are tested every year in different conditions. Last year, our test drivers amassed a mileage that would have seen them circling the globe 5000 times.

We subject our tyres to more testing than any other brand. But that's not enough just yet: It is important to us that our tyres also perform well in independent tests. And they do: tyres from Continental are regularly rated top performers in impartial tests, and we have been voted the best tyre brand of the year several times by the German motorists’ association ADAC and renowned magazines including AutoBild and AutoZeitung. This achievement makes us proud because it once again confirms: With Continental tyres, you are safe on the road in all conditions.

Continental testing locations: world of testing

When it comes to tyre safety, no distance is too far for our engineers. They travel all over the world to ensure that each Continental tyre – whether winter tyre, summer tyre, all-season tyre, or those used in sport and off-road activities – is tested by our experts in a wide range of weather conditions and on all types of surfaces.

Testing at all levels - from prototype to production

To deliver safe, optimized and reliable tyres, Continental employs both established as well as new testing methods. Continental’s R&D expert Andreas Schlenke explains how testing – from virtual simulations to objective and subjective tests – is an integral part of every single phase in tyre development.

Andreas Schlenke

The Contidrom: Setting standards in tyre testing

Continental tyres keep winning tests all over the world. In 723 independent tests conducted since 2007, our products have received the highest rating 562 times - a stunning success rate of 78 percent. The awards that make us particularly proud include the award for the best tyre in the past 50 years from Auto Motor Sport magazine, as well as the regular top ratings in the German Motorist Association’s major summer and winter tyre tests. These test results are also an important reason for car manufacturers to trust us and fit every third car rolling off their assembly lines with Continental tyres.


Before any Continental innovation goes into production, it is tested intensively. Established and all new test methods guarantee everyday suitability. Continental uses and developes more and more advanced testing measuring technology to deliver matured and optimized products.

We test for your safety – around the world.

Throughout the year, we show time and time again that there are no limits to our tyre testing at our test sites in the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and, last but not least, on our in-house track near Hanover, the Contidrom – which is also a sought-after reference track for independent experts.

Each one of our winter and summer tyres from all over the world is thus tested under all kinds of weather and road surface conditions. It goes without saying that this all takes place using the most modern testing methods and measuring technology.

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