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Conti Hybrid HD3 22.5

Hybrid HD3





Versatility, mile after mile after mile:

Quick Facts

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  • New tread pattern and base compound has generously improved rolling resistance and mileage.
  • Sidewall robustness is superior with 25% more steel in the carcass.
  • Tread pattern design is optimized with stone ejection technology.
  • High durability casing provides the best basis for premium retreadability.
Spider Conti Hybrid HD3 22.5
Hybrid HD3

Technical details

Block design with 3 sipes

  • The new block design decreases wear by reducing the ground contact area for significantly increased mileage performance
  • 3D sipes strengthen the stability of the block geometry despite an increased number of grooves
  • Thanks to a higher number of gripping edges, the drive axle traction is improved


  • The newly balanced polymer rubber tread compound is specially designed to increase mileage and ensure off-road performance
  • Rolling resistance optimised sidewall compound: the optimised rubber compound in the sidewall helps improve the fuel efficiency